Vice-President and Co-Founder, Eat Here Brands LLC

• Managing Partner, Executive Company Chef, Eat Here Brands Restaurants, dba Table 100 Restaurant, Bar and Conference Center, and Babalu Tapas & Tacos
• Former Chief Operating Officer, Executive Corporate Chef, Amerigo Restaurant Corporation, dba Amerigo Italian Restaurant, and Char Restaurant

Al Roberts is a businessman whose acumen is largely a result of his comprehensive knowledge of the culinary world.

Since graduating from The University of Mississippi in 1976, Roberts’ career path has taken him through many facets of restaurant management including food and beverage management, sous chef, executive chef, owner-operator and corporate chef, directing and overseeing the growth of a large group of individual restaurant concepts and franchise operations.

Previously, Roberts was a managing partner along with partner Bill Latham of the former LR Restaurants, which operated a family of modern, successful restaurants – Table 100 Restaurant and Conference Center in Flowood, Miss.; Babalu Tapas & Tacos — locations in Jackson, MS, Memphis, TN, Birmingham, AL, Knoxville, TN, Atlanta, GA, along with Charlotte & Chapel Hill, NC.

His passion and expertise in the culinary world is exemplified by his experience under the tutelage of Chef Bernard Sarme of Sundancer Restaurant. Under the direction of Roberts and Latham, Sundancer grew from popular to a critically praised restaurant, and its reputation soon spread across the southeast region. In addition, Roberts has trained with and worked for multiple regional companies such as the Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern Franchising Company and Steak and Ale Restaurant Group. Due to his success with those companies, he acquired the skills to be able to leave his own regional mark in the culinary world by founding Amerigo Restaurant Corporation in Jackson, Miss., with Latham, which they successfully operated for more than 20 years. The two also created, opened and operated Char restaurant in 2002. In 2006, Roberts and Latham successfully sold Amerigo Restaurant Group, along with Char.

As co-owner of Amerigo, Roberts served as chief operating officer and corporate chef. Moreover, he developed Amerigo’s Italian specialty menus and Char Restaurant’s menu, along with specific operations manuals, kitchen training manuals and detailed recipe database research. These efforts were applied to the development of LR Restaurants and the family of concepts currently being operated by Eat Here Brands.