Table 100: Yes, We Ate This Time

May 5th, 2011        —        Table 100

When my husband and I first tried to go to Table 100 on their “friends and family night” back in late April, we did not get to eat because of the massive crowd that came out that night. (You may remember reading about our experience in an earlier blog post.) Because we so badly wanted to try for ourselves the amazing food we heard people talking about on our first trip, we just had to go back…soon! We knew the food would be awesome because, well, how could it not be? Latham and Roberts know how to put a menu together. So we made reservations about a week after attempt number one. This visit was a major success! They were able to seat us right away, and they showed us a great time.

Since my husband and I had come from two different directions, we decided just to meet at the restaurant. I was a few minutes earlier than he was, so I decided to kill a few minutes at the bar with a cocktail. Tiffany, the mixologist, fixed me right up with a Whiskey Smash. It just sounded really cool. It was a cocktail with whiskey (of course), honey, lemon, and mint. As I was sipping on that, I used the wine list as my reading material. I was impressed with how creatively organized this was. They had several wines that were available by the glass; categorized under headings such as, “adventurous,” “light,” “fruity,” or “bold.” They even had the option to order a “social” glass, which was about half the price of a full glass.

Just seconds after we were seated at a table for two, Megan (one of our servers) appeared with water, dinner menus, a drink menu, and a business card with her name on it. I love how the servers at Babalu and at Table 100 do that. That card basically tells me that the server is ok with us knowing her name. We never particularly needed her name, other than to thank her, but I could see how that card would be of great value to a diner if it was a really busy night and that diner’s table had been forgotten for a few minutes. (“Hey Megan, when you get a minute, could you bring me a quick refill?” Much more personal than, “Hey waitress!”) I must point out that we never once had to ask for a refill—Megan was on top of her game!

After a few minutes passed, Megan brought us a basket of bread and butter. Then our other server, Blake, appeared to take our drink and appetizer orders. He promptly returned with our drinks. As we were looking over the diverse menu, we started nibbling on the bread, and WOW…. That was some of the best bread and butter I’ve ever tasted! The butter had sea salt mixed into it, which made it extra delicious. It might not be the best thing to eat if you’re watching your cholesterol, but I must re-emphasize how great it was.
The Duck Spring Rolls are served with a sauce. They were delicous!

The Duck Spring Rolls with a honey, ginger and soy dipping sauce were amazing!

After a few minutes, another server brought us our Duck Confit Spring Rolls appetizer. They were amazing. The honey-citrus-soy dipping sauce that came with this dish was to die for. We were off to a good start!

About the time we were winding down with the appetizer, one of the managers came over and introduced himself. His name was Cody, and he was very kind in thanking us for coming out. He also wanted to check to make sure everything was going well so far, which it was! It’s nice when somebody “high-up” comes to the table to say hello!

For our entrees, I went with the Ashley Farms Airline Chicken Breast and the husband went with the Certified Angus Beef Filet (promising me he’d share a bite!). I got a market salad as my side, while mashed potatoes and string beans were the sides of choice to companion the steak. Blake assured us that we made really good choices!

My salad came out before the main dishes, so hubby continued nibbling on the bread as I ate my salad. It was full of so many wonderful things (other than lettuce); I can’t even remember them all. I do remember this, though: it was delicious. The homemade house vinaigrette was perfection!

Our entrees arrived, and they were beautiful. The bone-in chicken breast (served on a bed of string beans and mashed potatoes) was tender and flavorful, and it was all smothered in this amazing, creamy gravy. I enjoyed every single bite, but knew I couldn’t eat it all because I was toying with the idea dessert, so I needed to save room.

As for the filet, my husband raved and raved about it. I asked him what other restaurant he would compare this steak to, and he said it was very different from anything else he had ever tried—it could not compare! It was topped with this great truffle vinaigrette (which we had to ask about. We could not tell exactly what it was but it had an amazing flavor.) Blake was able to educate us!
A classic dessert, a brownie and ice cream, with a fun twist, it has cream cheese in the middle!

Of course, we had to have dessert! This cream cheese brownie did not disappoint!

As we worked on our main courses, we discussed dessert. “Everything here has been so good. We are so full, but why in the world would we leave without trying dessert? It’s bound to be up to par with everything else we’ve had tonight.” So we asked Blake what he would recommend to top off this evening of culinary goodness. He said we should try the homemade cream cheese brownie, so that is exactly what we ordered! A few minutes later, a rich chocolate slice of heaven was delivered to our table. With cream cheese cooked in. With ice cream on top. We’re talking jaw dropping. We did not leave even a speck of that brownie on the plate!

As you can probably gather, I had one of my best dining experiences to date at Table 100. Everyone (yes, every single person) was so friendly, and the food and service was top notch. I hope to get the opportunity to return soon so I can try something else on their diverse menu. Cheers to the Table 100 family. All of you did a fabulous job and I can’t wait to go back!

“Mrs. Jackson” had a great time at Table 100…. Have you been yet? What did you get?

-via Eat Jackson