Table 100

September 6th, 2011        —        Table 100

As part of the transition from my 20s to 30s, I embarked on an eating trail extending from Jackson to Las Vegas.

This is the beginning of a series on my birthday meals. Believe me, mentioning my thirtieth is getting equally as tiresome for me as it is you, but I am compelled to share.

The journey begins at Table 100.

On my third visit to Table 100, I eventually got to enjoy dinner in the dining room. On prior occasions I sat in the bar and in the adjacent conference center for their inaugural wine tasting school. The third time’s a charm.

Feeling indulgent and a little wild, I ordered a Pepe O’Malley cocktail. Knowing less about cocktails than SEC football (I’m a Big 12 girl), I picked this drink because of the freshly squeezed lemonade and quirky name. The tactic paid off because it was dangerously light, refreshing and had a hint of cucumber.

While I sipped, our large group selected approximately half of the appetizers on the menu to share at the table. We passed around the Duck Confit Spring Rolls, Pan Roasted Crab Cake “100″ and Cold Alaskan Salmon Spread. The spring roll didn’t have much of a noticeable flavor, but then again I only snagged half of one. The crab cake and spread were good, but I kept wishing we had gotten the Shrimp and Grits.

The next course arrived and I pressed on with a fresh Market Salad accompanied by a tiny, adorable pitcher of Comeback dressing. The Northerner in me preferred the Green Goddess to the tangy, thick Comeback. Either way you won’t be disappointed especially when warm, crusty bread is served on the side.

Luckily when it came to the entrees I was completely satisfied. Bypassing the Catch of the Day and overlooking the Bone-In Ribeye, I went with the safe, comfortable choice of the Gulf Shrimp and Andouille Sausage Pasta.

At home I cook Italian food nearly once a week and believe it’s a genre I can execute as well as, if not better, than what’s available at most restaurants (in my humble opinion). Unable throw caution to the wind and add excessive quantities of cream in my own cooking, I savored every bite of this rich, creamy dish. A spicy sauce coated thin, tender pappardelle noodles laden with plump shrimp and sausage. Ben chose the fish special but his fork kept wandering over to my plate.

The staff knew we were coming and gave us extremely attentive service, but I haven’t heard otherwise from anyone else else who has dined there. Our water glasses never ran low, the bread baskets were always full and everyone was courteous.

Between the polished dining room or live piano music in the bar, a $9 panini or $38 steak, and specialty martinis to wines of every color, there are plenty of choices to please anyone who enters the door.

Table 100 is a beacon of light for food lovers among the sea of chain restaurants lining Lakeland Drive. A friend has eaten there as many as four nights in a row, during the week. As far as I know, it’s been warmly received into the area and now I know why. Just be sure to get the Shrimp and Grits, do it for me.

-via Gidget Eats